How Can We Help You?

What is Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

Arista Consulting Group is your TPA.
A TPA is an organization that is hired by your employer to run many day-to-day aspects of your retirement plans. We are responsible for operating your plans in compliance with ERISA and other complex regulations.

What is the Portal?

Our Retirement Plan Portal is an online transaction system that is designed to provide the ability to initiate a request online for plan participants. It is an easy way to manage your retirement accounts.

Who is my investment provider?

An investment provider is the company that houses your account(s) that you elected through your employer.

What is the process?
  • Request and complete forms from the investment provider
  • Submit completed forms and supporting documents using the Arista Retirement Portal.  We will review for compliance and regulations; if in good order, we will submit to your investment provider with a letter of approval.
  • If additional action is needed, you will be notified via email.
Which format should I use to upload my forms and documents?

When uploading forms and documents through the retirement plan portal, the only accepted document format is a pdf. All phone photos must be converted as a PDF. We cannot accept JPEG, PNG, TIFF formats.

What is the document size limit that I can upload?

Your document(s) should not exceed 8MB. (You may compress your documents by using or any other document compression site).

What is “In Good Order”?

All forms and documents are fully complete with signature and date. Any required supporting documents must be included. All pages must be submitted.

How long does it take to process my forms and documents?

If these are in good order, the TPA review process is 48 hours.

How will I be notified?

You will receive email notifications from updating you on the status of your distribution request.