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No one wants more paperwork and climbing fees

That doesn’t benefit anyone.

There’s nothing easy or efficient about managing complicated employee benefit plans. The lack of control feels debilitating, and the increasing fees are frustrating.

Your employees deserve the best. and you should have peace of mind that the benefit plan you’re providing is giving them the financial security they need.

Easing the “benefits” burden

Arista Consulting Group has been helping businesses manage employee benefit plans since 2005.

We know how frustrating it can be when you want to offer your employees a plan for financial freedom but feel discouraged when it all seems so challenging and time-consuming.

That’s why we designed our plans to be easy and efficient for you.
We offer a single destination for all of your benefits, keeping your plans manageable, understandable, and affordable.

Leading your employees to financial
security is easier than you think


Talk with one of our experts to determine the right solution for your team.


Once we know your needs, we’ll create a custom blueprint showing you the right solutions for your staff.

Peace of Mind:

With Arista providing benefits, rest easy knowing your staff gets the best solutions without adding paperwork.


“We needed hand holding and we got it. On top of benefits, the workers’ comp and payroll help was great. Our whole plan had a lot of moving pieces and having Arista help us was tremendous. I struggle to think how it would’ve turned out without them. Since implementing these changes, we’re experiencing higher employee engagement, lower costs and a better connection with employees because they understand the investment we’re making in their benefits. There’s lots of turnover throughout the economy right now, so better engagement is bar none the biggest driver of that success. Bottom line, Arista is going to provide something that is more competitive than anywhere else in the marketplace.”

“We recently switched our insurance broker and went into a self-funded medical plan consortium. After years of being with Kaiser, running at a loss ratio of 72%-75% and experiencing annual increases of between 3.9% and 5%, we decided the only way to get control of our healthcare spending dollars was to go this route. So far I have been incredibly pleased with Arista and the support and assistance they have provided to help us navigate this change. If we run at a same loss ratio this year, we anticipate a surplus of about $150,000 which we can then use to either reduce premiums or improve benefits. We self-funded our vision and dental plans last year and are running at about an $18,000 surplus ahead of costs.”

“Arista is always looking ahead for us trying to look down the pipe, keeping us abreast to changes. Instead of always reacting, we are trying to be proactive to get ahead of some of the national issues in the medical industry. I really rely on them for that guidance.”

Finance Director K-12
“We found the information complete, thoughtful and comprehensive. While I understand that you cannot make any commitments to a particular carrier or a specific next decrease in cost, I think it’s clear that you made a compelling case for an increase in value and strategy.”

CFO, A/E/C firm

Focusing our client scope helps us

serve you better

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Professional Services



Give your employees the financial
security they deserve

with reliable services you can trust

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and Analysis

Strategic planning, cost forecasting, pricing evaluation, and benchmarking to maximize your benefits contribution.

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Educational, planning, and evaluation tools to help your employees understand their benefit plan.

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and Efficiency

Payroll, hiring, audits, and billing reconciliation tools to help things run smoothly.

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Legal resources, employment law updates, and ACA employer reporting tools to keep everything up to date and in good standing.

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Employee assistance, stewardship programs, transparency tools, and a dedicated claims assistant will help to serve your employees better.

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HR Solutions

Training, support, performance management, employee relations, and employee review handbooks to keep your employees protected.


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