What You Need To Know

IRS Reporting and Schools: This section of What You Need to Know is focused on School System’s requirements under ACA to report on their employees with the IRS using forms 1095C and E-Filing each year starting with 2015 which will be reported on in 2016. Arista has conducted/produced Conferences, Videos, Webinars, etc. over the past related to this subject and in an effort to make our resources readily available we have provided a selection of this information that you can reference in this section. Should you have any specific questions and/or concerns about the services Arista has to offer your school system in order to help with IRS Reporting please contact either Travis Riker at triker@aristacg.com or Tiffany Littler at tlittler@aristacg.com.

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The Affordable Care Act – 11/13/2013

  • Variable hour employees
  • Employee notices
  • How does ACA define a full-time employee?
  • Current SHBP eligibility
  • Best practices
  • Short and Long-term solutions