TPA Services


Since 2007, ARISTA has been providing comprehensive independent advisory, consulting and third party administration combined with world-class compliance, remittance and customer support services. Today, nearly 20,000 participants and over 40 plans rely on our state-of-the-art software platform as well as our comprehensive administrative services to better accommodate current, retired, and part-time participants.

Our core mission is Financial Security for all employees. We put the employee FIRST in all of our actions.


IRS and DOL regulations are ever-changing, so proper oversight is crucial. A failure to understand a regulation and handling compliance issues properly could prove costly. In addition to providing input on any concerns you may have, ARISTA maintains real-time awareness of the regulatory environment, helping to ensure that your plan is kept up to date and compliant. ARISTA provides your leadership the peace of mind they need and deserve.


Arista utilizes integrated support teams to develop, protect and manage your plan. Our world-class services include:

  • Plan document creation and customization and amendments as needed
  • Transaction processing and approvals
  • Compliance monitoring
  • In-house call-center
  • Easy forms submission process
  • Dedicated compliance and remittance specialists assigned specifically to your account
  • Arista  will also take the lead in the event of an IRS audit


Our Plan specialists want to meet and know your employees. We don’t just offer a website of information, we come see the people. A customized “benefits brochure” helps streamline the benefits of the plan, and local, targeted education services allow participants hands-on education.


One of the most desired services is our independent vendor due diligence support. We know the vendors, and we know how to find the best products for your plan.

As part of our standard service offer, ARISTA will conduct and coordinate vendor due diligence reviews and present to your leadership team recommendations on how to improve the products offered employees.