ACA Reporting Services (1095/1094) 

Marie is correct. All forms have been printed and distributed. We’re ready to go! Thanks for everyone’s help. Arista made this difficult task so much easier and it’s some of the best money we’ve ever spent!

Thank you for guiding me! I couldn’t have done it without all of your help.

Thank you so much, Anne! This is awesome. I’ve heard a few small business owners mention that ACA compliance has been a nightmare. You couldn’t have made it any easier for us.  

First of all I want to thank you and your whole team for guidance with the ACA reporting this year. ARISTA has really helped me with all aspects of this tremendous task from day one.

Our ACA reporting process has been phenomenal! As always, thank you for all of your help and expertise!

The professionalism and attention to detail that ARISTA has provided LCS has helped us navigate the rough waters of ACA and the rising costs of health insurance. Not only has plenty of technical assistance been provided, but the personable touch of ARISTA’s team is unparalleled!


We can’t thank you and Marie enough for all of your help. We have our forms printed and ready to go. You are the best!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your help! I truly do not know what I would have done without you and the Arista Team.

I would like to commend Marie Hanner, Tiffany Littler, and Travis Riker for going above and beyond to accomplish the monumental task of ACA reporting for 2015 and 2016. Words cannot express the amount of stress that was taken off me during that process. Thank you for all the support that you and your folks give to school districts! I can’t imagine attempting the ACA process without you!

Reporting Made Simple

Our ACA reporting tool provides rich features to help make reporting easy with workforce decision support, 1094/1095 reporting, ACA task tracking, notification management, and compliance document storage.

Decision Support

  • Determines the risk to any potential penalties
  • Prepares the 1094 and 1095 files in Adobe PDF format
  • Maintains all technology and materials to ensure they are accurate according to the ever-changing ACA regulations and requirements

Ongoing Penalty Exposure

  • Affordability penalty calculator
  • ALE Status for Upcoming Year
  • Monthly ALE Trend
  • Comprehensive subsection (a) and (b) penalty guidance

Eligibility and Affordability Calculations

  • Leverage the affordability safe harbors when assessing employees’ rate of pay and benefits contributions
  • For each applicable employee, tracks ACA benefits eligibility to determine plan affordability
  • Guidance provided on reducing potential penalty exposure

Workforce Tracking

  • Calculates ACA Full Time status based on hours of service
  • Creates and tracks multiple measurement groups
  • Utilizes reports to alert the employer of employee hours of service as they approach ACA Full Time eligibility threshold
  • Generate detailed workforce reports monthly to track eligibility and coverage

Proactive Reporting and Trending

  • Analytical reporting to show your eligibility trends
  • Provides analytical insight to help increase the effectiveness of your ACA strategy
  • Anticipate employee’s hours worked approaching your organization’s defined thresholds

ACA Task Tracking and Record Keeping

  • Checklist of ACA tasks
  • Tracking action items
  • Record keeping and progress reports
  • Data and results archival for 7 years

Employee Notification and Receipt Tracking

  • Employee notification and communication
  • Acknowledgement tracking
  • Receipt summary for audits
  • ACA regulation change alerts
  • Personalized deadline reminders

Document Repository

  • Storage of plan and compliance-related documents for audit readiness
  • Document organization & tagging
  • Sharing documents with key stakeholders

Strategic ACA Decision Support

  • No minimum essential coverage
  • Minimum value coverage
  • Custom scenarios
  • Comprehensive pay or play simulation
  • Scenario total cost including penalty
  • Actuary verified
  • Compare multiple scenario net costs side-by-side
  • Detailed cost projections under ACA Shared Responsibility
  • 2018 Cadillac Tax Simulation

E-Filing (required for employers 250+)

  • Transmit and e-file the 1094 and 1095 forms with IRS
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