Last year, the Georgia General Assembly created The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL) to oversee transit planning in metro Atlanta. Today, lawmakers are proposing new legislation that would create another eight ATL’s and would cover the entire state.
These eight additional areas, called “mobility zones”, would allow local citizens to give input into Georgia transit planning and provide consistently funded transit projects for the first time in state history.

This funding would be sourced from eliminating the state sales tax on taxis and limos with a standard charge of 50 cents per ride that would also apply to ride sharing services. The charge is decreased to 25 cents for any passenger who pools their rides.

The fee, estimated to raise between $30 million – $60 million, is to be used exclusively on transit improvements in Georgia. With the lack of transportation to and from work being a leading cause of rural unemployment, the bill is expected to have a large positive ripple effect throughout the state. Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle


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