Blueprint for Financial Security

Recruit Great Talent

Retain Your Best Employees

Reduce Cost and Administrative Burden

Does this sound familiar?

  • “Our employees don’t understand how to take full advantage of their benefits.”
  • “Our employees don’t appreciate how valuable their benefits are.”
  • “Our employees have no idea how much we spend on their benefits.”
  • “Double-digit premium increases are normal.”

These statements sound like the status quo in most organizations. With Arista, there’s a better path forward. And that path starts with a Blueprint for Financial Security.

Benefits plan for your goals.

The Blueprint for Financial Security creates a benefits plan built for your goals. Using relevant and specific benchmarks, we continuously assess performance to ensure your plan makes a positive difference in your organization.

Once in place, this comprehensive plan becomes the standard for measuring performance of your benefits plan.

The Blueprint for Financial Security is a critical part of your path to better benefits:


Talk with one of our experts so we understand what you need and how we can help.


Once we know your needs, we’ll create a custom blueprint showing you the right solutions for your staff.

Peace of Mind:

With Arista providing benefits, rest easy knowing your staff gets the best solutions without adding paperwork.

Blueprint for Financial Security gives you:

  • Clear, powerful goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • Efficient and effective systems
  • Data-mining and access to meaningful information for progress assessment and plan refinement
  • Reduced liability and simplified compliance
  • More freedom, time and resources for initiating new strategic projects
  • Happier employees who fully utilize and greatly appreciate their benefits program
  • A more productive workforce


“One of the major reasons that convinced us to use ARISTA is the benchmarking data they have and use to compare our premiums with the other firms that are similar to us. That has also afforded Willmer a distinct advantage with our employees. This data has confirmed that Willmer’s employee premium payment meets or exceeds other similar consulting firms.

While it was a difficult decision to switch from our agent of 10 years, the advantage to Willmer and our employees was measured in real dollar savings and outstanding customer service.

I am confident that if you choose ARISTA as your provider, you will enjoy a similar experience!”

President - Willmer Engineering Inc

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