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Management of the club

As a member of the decision making team, you’re always at the center of attention when it comes to practically everything to do with the management of the club.

Attracting new members and keeping existing members happy (while enticing them to spend more of their discretionary dollars at the club) top the long list of your priorities.

The last thing you need is to be unnecessarily distracted from club business.

Private clubs and their major distractions

Unfortunately, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, many private clubs are being inundated with even more distraction. With an average of 60 – 100 employees, private clubs are big enough to have to comply with the new laws but not big enough to do so at a reasonable cost.

Because most clubs cannot afford the salaries associated with hiring professional HR and accounting personnel, club management teams often find themselves compromising on areas vital to the success of their club. Compromising on compliance, employee engagement (happy employees make for happy members), and cost control can quickly spiral into a seemingly endless series of minor and sometimes major distractions.

That’s where Arista comes in.

We deliver creative employee benefit solutions that significantly reduce your administrative burden, control costs and virtually eliminate distractions.

Through our long-standing strategic partnership with Phoenix Financial Services, our dedicated specialists deliver employee benefit solutions to some of the most recognized and successful private clubs in the country.

Contact us today and let us invest in you.

Contact us today to find out how our innovative, outside of the box thinking can deliver the benefit solutions you need now and for years to come.


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