Small Businesses Keeping Pace with Health Benefits Offered by Employers Natinwide
Small employers are keeping pace with the average employer offering health benefits, and are doing a better job of containing costs.
UBA Special Report: How Health Savings Accounts Measure Up
Health care costs continue to rise, so employers continue to use cost savings tools like HRAs and HSAs, to provide affordable benefits to their employees.
Annual Survey Finds Enrollment in Consumer-Directed Health Plans Jumps
Among employer-sponsored health insurance plans, consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) continue to increase in popularity even though they are offering less savings than a year ago, according to the 2016 Health Plan Survey from United Benefit Advisors (UBA), the nation’s largest independent survey of employer-sponsored benefits.
UBA Special Report: 2016 Trends in Employer Wellness Programs
Workplace wellness programs are under the spotlight as new regulations change the legality of components and what information can and can’t be collected.
Top 5 Best and Worst States for Group Health Care Costs
Employer-sponsored health insurance is greatly affected by geographic region, industry, and employer size.
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Overall, employer costs remained consistent because they are passing more and more of their increases on to employees.
Industry Differences Among Health Savings Accounts
While recent survey data shows that, on average, employers are decreasing the amount they’re willing to contribute to employee Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), there are some industries that have not seen such trends.
PPACA’s Impact on How CDHPs and HSAs Work Together
Employer health savings account (HSA) funding strategies have changed in recent years in response to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and its impact on employer-sponsored health insurance plans.
Harvard Professors Fall Out Of the Ivory Tower with Health Care Hikes
The New York Times recently stirred up a media firestorm when it reported about Harvard University professors who were lambasting the health care increases they were facing this year.
Are You Benchmarking Your Health Plan Correctly?
Many employers benchmark their health plans against other employers with the same carrier or using nationally available data. But the benchmarking best practice is to compare your plan with others based on plan type, region, employee size, and industry.
UBA 2014 Health Plan Survey Executive Summary Now Available
Since 2005, United Benefit Advisors® (UBA) has surveyed thousands of employers across the nation regarding their health plan offerings, their ongoing plan decisions in the face of significant legislative and marketplace changes, and the impact of these changes on their employees and businesses.
Coming Soon! 2014 UBA Benefits Opinions Survey
The 2014 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey provides employers who participate with critical data that allow them to compare their attitudes and strategies regarding employer-provided health care with those of their peers and competitors.