Custom benefit plans to meet the diverse needs of your staff

Benefits and insurance without extra work or increased costs

Recruit Great Talent

Retain Your Best Employees

Reduce Cost and Administrative Burden

A good benefit plan is the foundation for your business

Make sure it’s strong and stable. Not complex and precarious.

The trouble with most benefit plans serving architectural, engineering and construction firms, is they aren’t as diverse and dependable as they should be. Instead, they are confusing to understand and expensive with inflated health insurance costs when you need them to be customizable and controlled.

Don’t lose great employees over frustrating benefit plans that fail to provide what they should.

Building a solid benefit plan for financial stability

With the right benefit plan in place to satisfy the diverse needs of your employees, executives, and partners, you’ll attract, retain and engage the best talent.

Which means a great deal to a successful business.

At Arista we understand every unique challenge you face and how confusing and complicated benefits can be with ever-increasing health insurance costs.

We’ve been helping companies for the last 15 years keep their costs down by providing a clear roadmap to better benefit plans.

Our desire is to always help our clients guide their employees to make the best financial decisions for their future. If you’re ready to switch plans, come and talk to us.

We’ll make sure the process is clear, easy, and exactly what you need to run a successful business with satisfied employees.

Get started today


Talk with one of our experts to determine the right solution for your team.


Once we know your needs, we’ll create a custom blueprint showing you the right solutions for your staff.

Peace of Mind:

With Arista providing benefits, rest easy knowing your staff gets the best solutions without adding paperwork.


“We needed hand holding and we got it. On top of benefits, the workers’ comp and payroll help was great. Our whole plan had a lot of moving pieces and having Arista help us was tremendous. I struggle to think how it would’ve turned out without them. Since implementing these changes, we’re experiencing higher employee engagement, lower costs and a better connection with employees because they understand the investment we’re making in their benefits. There’s lots of turnover throughout the economy right now, so better engagement is bar none the biggest driver of that success. Bottom line, Arista is going to provide something that is more competitive than anywhere else in the marketplace.”


“We recently switched our insurance broker and went into a self-funded medical plan consortium. After years of being with Kaiser, running at a loss ratio of 72%-75% and experiencing annual increases of between 3.9% and 5%, we decided the only way to get control of our healthcare spending dollars was to go this route. So far I have been incredibly pleased with Arista and the support and assistance they have provided to help us navigate this change. If we run at a same loss ratio this year, we anticipate a surplus of about $150,000 which we can then use to either reduce premiums or improve benefits. We self-funded our vision and dental plans last year and are running at about an $18,000 surplus ahead of costs.”


“We found the information complete, thoughtful and comprehensive. While I understand that you cannot make any commitments to a particular carrier or a specific next decrease in cost, I think it’s clear that you made a compelling case for an increase in value and strategy.”

A/E/C firm

Designing a benefit plan for your employees with Arista means:


Custom benefit solutions driven by sophisticated benchmarking


Modern data analytics


World-class employee advocacy and proactive health services


Controlled costs and a maximized return on every dollar invested


Protect and enhance program value and effectiveness


Achieve your business goals


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