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About LPL Financial

LPL Financial is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer*, a top RIA custodian**, and a leading independent consultant to retirement plans. With main offices in Boston, Charlotte, and San Diego, LPL offers integrated technology, comprehensive clearing and compliance services, practice management programs and training, and independent research to over 18,000 financial professionals and approximately 700 financial institutions nationwide. Through the 1989 merger of two brokerage firms—Linsco (established in 1968) and Private Ledger (founded in 1973)—the founders of LPL sought to create a formidable alternative to Wall Street firms, one in which financial advisors could build highly competitive businesses while always doing what was right for their clients. Today, LPL is proud to be an enabling partner helping a broad range of financial professionals focus on what they do best—create the personal, long-term client relationships that are the foundation for turning life’s aspirations into financial realities.

LPL provides independent, objective research for mutual funds, separate accounts, annuities, alternative investments, equities, fixed-income securities, and more. With a focus on performance, service, and transparency, the LPL Research team delivers timely perspectives of the ever-changing economic marketplace, helping advisors to help their clients understand and adjust to the latest developments.

Through its objective recommendations and portfolio management experience, the Research group helps advisors to address a broad range of investor needs effectively and efficiently. The LPL Research team is committed to being a responsive and relevant resource, offering superior service that directly correlates to immediate customer and client needs while at the same time providing insights and analysis into the factors that drive their recommendations.

As a result, LPL research enables financial advisors to:

▪ Keep abreast of changes in markets and the global economy

▪ Proactively respond to emerging trends

▪ Leverage the knowledge and experience of the Research team in building individual investment portfolios

Independent Research

One key to the ability of LPL to deliver independent advice is the fact that the firm has no proprietary products, investment banking business, or any other conflicts that get in the way of providing objective recommendations.

As a result, LPL customers and their clients can be confident that the findings and recommendations of the firm are the product of an experienced, objective partner.

Looking to the Future

The financial services industry, markets, and world are changing fast; people are living longer and facing increasingly complex financial needs. These factors mean that providing Americans with investment advice has never been more important than it is today. Financial advisors and institutions need a partner that can help them meet today’s growing demands and challenges. As a true market leader, LPL is well positioned to enable its customers to help their clients do just that.

To learn more visit: www.lpl.com

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