We’re here to bring better benefits

Most employers feel there just isn’t enough money to go around.

We’ve created simple strategies that uncover hidden resources and relieve financial pressure.

You get comprehensive and custom solutions ranging from health insurance, retirement benefits, and other products best suited for your company. That means your employees have a better chance at getting exactly what they need and nothing they don’t.

As the employer, you enjoy improvement in your ability to:


Control costs


Maximize the return on every dollar invested in employees


Protect and enhance benefit program value and effectiveness


Achieve organizational goals

Your employees enjoy improvement in their ability to:


Understand and appreciate their benefits


Take responsibility for their role in controlling cost


Protect themselves and their families


Achieve financial security

Our mission is to lead people to financial security.

How We Work With You











There was no alternative

“You don’t consider another alternative when you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.” David Hatter

What happens when you do what you’re supposed to do?

Like when someone passionate about education becomes a teacher. Or when someone committed to engineering excellence is used to solve a potentially big problem. Countless people benefit when just one person decides to deliver world-class service to major business problems.

That’s the story of David Hatter, founder of Arista Consulting Group. He knew he wanted other people to achieve financial security in their own lives. He saw the power of that reality first hand, and he knew other people deserved that same security.

In 2005, David started an employee benefit, retirement and wealth management company called Hatter Group. The Hatter Group saw early success. Soon it attracted the attention of a top benefits company in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. The success of the Hatter Group drew the attention of this benefits company, and soon David merged with that brand to become ARISTA Consulting Group.

Since that time, ARISTA has seen continued success in key markets:

  • Architects, Engineers and Construction Industry
  • Schools
  • Private Clubs/Resorts
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Technology

Today, the ARISTA team continues growing, with each person pursuing the mission of leading people to financial security. From business development to financial advisory services, each person helps our clients lead their employees to the financial security they deserve.

Meet the people who bring you better benefits

Travis Riker

Travis Riker


Ingrid Bagwell

Ingrid Bagwell

Director of Operations

Darren Ross

Darren Ross

Director of Sales

Sherry Crowe

Sherry Crowe

HR Director

Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts

Director of Benefit Operations

Karsha Banerjee, AIF®

Karsha Banerjee, AIF®

Director of Retirement and Investments

National Scope, Local Service

Alera Group is an independent, national insurance and financial services firm created through the merger of like-minded, high-performing, entrepreneurial companies across the United States.

Why work with Alera Group? Because we provide the best of both worlds – national scope combined with local service. Our mission is to transform the client experience by providing a greater depth and breadth of resources, innovative thinking and constant collaboration, while maintaining strong local relationships.

National Scope

Our clients benefit from our national resources and broad expertise. Whether we are:

  • Designing an innovative and affordable benefit plan for a mid-sized corporation in Boca Raton, FL
  • Guiding a wealth management client across the finish line into retirement in Anchorage, AK
  • Consulting with a new risk management client about how to proactively reduce losses on construction sites in Boston, MA

Local Service

Each Alera Group company is unique, with individual local and niche industry specialties. Our offices care about their local communities and often have long-standing relationships with clients that span years or even generations. We encourage both a collaborative culture and the opportunity for each location to have its own personality. We believe this enables us to deliver exceptional client experiences and the best possible outcomes – positively impacting our employees, clients and the communities where we live and work.


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