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Our Company

Employers who care about the wellbeing of their employees rely on ARISTA for the design, implementation, and management of their custom benefits solution.

The value employers receive is driven by ARISTA’s precisely focused industry expertise and empowered by the practical application of highly relevant benchmarking and modern data analytics.

The value employees receive is driven by ARISTA’s calling to lead people to financial security and empowered by world-class employee advocacy and proactive health services.

THE EMPLOYERS we partner with enjoy exceptional and sustained improvement in their ability to:

  • Control cost
  • Maximize the return on every dollar invested in employees
  • Protect and enhance benefit program value and effectiveness
  • Achieve organizational goals

THE EMPLOYEES we care for enjoy exceptional and sustained improvement in their ability to:

  • Understand and appreciate their benefits
  • Take responsibility for their role in controlling cost
  • Protect themselves and their families
  • Achieve financial security


Our Calling

Our calling is to lead people to FINANCIAL SECURITY.

To honor our calling, we hold ourselves accountable for designing and delivering benefit programs that give employees the best possible opportunity to become financially secure.

With over 80% of Americans doing all their financial planning at work, our work is vital to their success. We help create true financial security by providing Health, Life, Income and Retirement protection.

And, because financially secure employees are more productive employees, we know our work is vital to the success of our client organizations.


We are creating a future in which financial security empowers all working people to discover and serve THEIR calling.

Core Values

*ACCOUNTABLE / ac·count·a·ble / əˈkoun(t)əb(ə)l / – Obligated to a specific result.

*AUTHENTIC / au·then·tic /ˌôˈTHen(t)ik / – True; based on facts; accurate or reliable.

*DEVOTED / de·vot·ed / dəˈvōdəd / – Concentrated on a particular pursuit, purpose or cause.

*INSPIRATIONAL / in·spi·ra·tion·al / ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n(ə)l / – Inspiring action; providing ideas for doing something; making others feel hopeful or encouraged.

*SERVANT’S HEART / serv·antsˈ heart / ˈsərvənt härt / – Serving others joyfully; wanting to serve.


Our roots run deep and long nourished by a history of integrity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The first seeds of our success were planted in 1978 when Lamar Wright teamed up with Carey Brown to form Brown, Wright & Company. Instead of competing with each other, the two joined forces and combined their resources to pursue high value opportunities. Fifteen years of growth saw Brown, Wright & Company become one of the area’s leading personal and group benefit advisory firms.

In 1993, Lamar and Carey started The Benefit Company by bringing together a group of successful Mass Mutual agents to form what would soon become a top performing and highly respected agency. The company’s resources and expertise enabled it to compete successfully with large, national consulting firms.

As a testament to its success, The Benefit Company was recognized one of Atlanta’s top benefit firms. It also was recognized as one of the best places to work. This award, which continues to be an important achievement today, was an outside recognition of our commitment to helping employees succeed in their careers, finances and in their lives beyond the office.

While Lamar enjoyed continued success, a new generation of advisors was rising to importance. In 2005, David Hatter started an employee benefit, retirement and wealth management company called Hatter Group.

The Hatter Group’s success drew Lamar’s attention and, seeking a partner to help his transition into retirement, Lamar asked David to consider being part of his succession plan. In 2009, Lamar merged his half of The Benefit Company with David’s Hatter Group and ARISTA was born.

Since that time Arista has been investing in long-term relationships with select client organizations in three sectors: Design Firms, K – 12 School Districts, and Private Clubs.

Contact us today and let us invest in you.

Our Team

Ideas, capabilities, systems, process and services are great… but PEOPLE make the real difference. That’s why every person on the Arista team is carefully chosen for their unique talents, knowledge, capabilities, and most of all, their passion for what they do.

This is our team. We would love to be a part of yours!


<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="David’s Bio" href="">David Hatter</a></p>

David Hatter

AIF®, CPFA: President

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Travis’s Bio" href="">Travis Riker</a></p>

Travis Riker

RHU, REBC: Principal

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Doug’s Bio" href="">Doug Guillory</a></p>

Doug Guillory

Retirement Plan Team Leader

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Ingrid’s Bio" href="">Ingrid Bagwell</a></p>

Ingrid Bagwell

Director of Operations

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Amy’s Bio" href="">Amy Mullvain</a></p>

Amy Mullvain

Retirement Plan Account Executive

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Rosa’s Bio" href="">Darren Ross</a></p>

Darren Ross

Business Development

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Heather’s Bio" href="">Heather Douglass</a></p>

Heather Douglass

FPQP™, LPL Registered Service Specialist

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Marie’s Bio" href="">Marie Hanner</a></p>

Marie Hanner

Benefits Analyst

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Daniel’s Bio" href="">Daniel Rodriguez</a></p>

Daniel Rodriguez

Marketing Coordinator

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Jimc Bio" href="">Jim Carey</a></p>

Jim Carey

Client Services Associate

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Carl’s Bio" href="">Carl Riker</a></p>

Carl Riker

Brand Ambassador

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Rosa’s Bio" href="">Rosa Lopez</a></p>

Rosa Lopez

Senior Employee Advocate

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Cole’s Bio" href="">Cole Milner</a></p>

Cole Milner

Client Advocate

<p style="text-align: center;"><a title="Sherry’s Bio" href="">Sherry Crowe</a></p>

Sherry Crowe

Talent & Office Manager

Awards and Recognition



Small Business Person of the Year – Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2018

6th Annual Business Awards Recognition Breakfast  Alpharetta, 2018

Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers – Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2018

Best of Alpharetta Awards – Health Insurance Agency – Alpharetta Award Program, 2017

Best Places To Work – Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2017

Firm of the Year – United Benefit Advisors, 2017

5th Annual Business Awards Recognition Breakfast  Alpharetta, 2017

Psychologically Healthy Workplace – American Psychological Association, 2016

4th Annual Business Awards Recognition Breakfast – Alpharetta, 2016

Best Places To Work – Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2015

Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers – Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2010

Firm of the Year – United Benefit Advisors, 2010

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