Check-Ups: Routine Maintenance For Your Body
With apologies to rapper Ice Cube, you better check yo self before you wreck yo self! And while I’m sure he wasn’t talking about getting regular health check-ups, his lyrics definitely apply.
Acronym Soup
When it comes to healthcare terminology, some people may feel like they're at a spelling bee.

In The News – Travis Riker Promoted To Principal

Travis Riker has dedicated his career to helping employers decipher their human capital management needs. Considered a thought leader among his clients and peers, he continually strives to invest in the future of others. Often a frequent speaker and author, Travis specializes in topics such as health care trends, progressive strategies to reduce health care cost, and health care reform, including 1094/1095 reporting.

Helping shape the company’s vision of creating a future where financial security empowers clients to discover and serve THEIR calling is one of Travis’ true passions. His dedication to Arista’s future is a testament to his tireless efforts to ensure that his clients are the first to receive innovative ideas. Clients regularly thank Travis for the insight and guidance he provides. His work makes a significant difference in his clients’ lives, and he is continually motivated by their successes every single day.

When asked to describe Travis, David Hatter, Founder of Arista, shared “Travis started nine years ago as our first full time employee and due to his dedication and talents has recently joined me as a Principal of Arista. Travis has expanded the size of our business 3.5 times over the last three years. Working with him and watching him grow professionally, while also growing the business, has been a true honor! I am constantly appreciative of the number of client testimonials we receive thanks to Travis’ hard work and dedication.”

Co-workers often sing Travis’ praise as well. Marie Hanner, Benefits Analyst at Arista, had this to say about him. “It is truly inspiring to work with Travis. Each day he’s excited to be at work and serve his clients. His enthusiasm inspires me to do the best that I can for our customers. When he engages with other team members, you automatically feel his passion. I have never worked with anyone who cared as much about their job, their clients, and their employees as Travis Riker.” 

While revenue and growth may drive the company’s bottom line, what drives Travis is much more personal. At his core, he is a “people person” and is passionate about helping others succeed. Both he and his wife, Sally, are actively involved in multiple charities, and Travis has contributed to a number of professional organizations. Several of these include: the American Council of Engineering Companies, American Institute of Architects, Georgia Association of School Business Officers, Georgia Accounting Information Network Support, Alabama Association of School Personnel Administrators, Florida School Finance Officers Association, and Society for Human Resource Management.

Travis is a Registered Employees Benefits Consultant and a Registered Health Underwriter, both prestigious designations in his industry that require extensive testing and industry knowledge. Dedicated to continuous learning, he is currently pursuing his Certified Self Funding Specialist designation, as well. Prior to joining Arista, he spent 8 years as an award-winning Employee Benefit Consultant with two Fortune 500 companies. He has used this experience to serve as an integral leader in creating the substantial growth of Arista Consulting Group.

While pursuing a degree at the University of Indianapolis, Travis received a soccer scholarship and graduated Cum Laude. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his children, Chloe and Liam, and traveling the globe with his wife Sally.


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