Supreme Court Largely Upholds PPACA
Labor Power Softens But Still Lingers
The recent recall victory by Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin seems to reflect a trend of diminishing union power. Employers, however, should remain aware of labor's continuing influence, experts say.
A Common Mistake: Miscalculating Matching Contributions
Sponsors of 401(k) plans often fail to make the proper employer matching contribution called for under the terms of the plan document. Although there are any number of causes for this failure, a common one involves the timing of matching contributions.
Preparing for the Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Reform
How the Court rules is anybody's guess. What is certain, however, is that the decision will seriously shape employer-sponsored benefits in the short and long term.
Bigger Changes May Be in Store for FSAs
New guidance from the IRS and bills floating in Congress may bring significant changes for employers that sponsor flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to their employees.
As Fee Disclosure Deadlines Approach, DOL Issues More Guidance
After more than four years of regulatory starts and stops, plus the threat of a legislative solution, two separate sets of fee disclosure regulations issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) will finally become effective this summer. These regulations will add significant new responsibilities for fiduciaries of ERISA-covered retirement plans, as well as those who provide services to such plans.
In Brief: HSAs; Plan Fees; Health Care Reform
Compliance Brief: New Fees for Health Plans
The health care reform bill created an institute that is charged with advancing research into comparative clinical effectiveness. To fund this institute, the law imposes a fee on both insured and self-funded health plans for the seven-year period from 2012 through 2019.
Beware of Facebook Foibles in Recruiting
Asking job candidates to supply passwords to their social media accounts likely will generate a big "Unlike" from the prospective hire -- and perhaps from the government.
IRS Issues Guidance on Implementation of $2,500 Health FSA Limit
The IRS has clarified that the $2,500 limit for health FSAs under the health care reform law does not apply for plan years beginning before 2013.